Packing Service

Finding a good packing service company for your home can save you a lot of time and energy during a move. If you are busy with your job, family, or other things, the benefits of the packing service outweigh the cost.

What Does A Good Packing Service Offer?

They should not just pack your stuff, but they should organize, wrap, and label your stuff just as you would if they were packing up their own home for a move. Packing is their job, and if they are not willing to offer you the service parallel to what they would do for themselves, then they may not be worth the money.

What Should You Ask A Packing Service Before You Hire?

Someone from the company will send out a person to look over your home and assess the details of the move. They should be able to give you an overall cost and a time estimate, but there are other things you may want to ask before the representative leaves.

Ask them what their packing techniques are, especially for valuables. Proper packing techniques can make the different between your stuff getting from one point to another intact or in pieces, so the packing service you hire should have a clear practice for packing everything from non-breakables to breakables, and be able to explain that practice to you for peace of mind.

In addition, a packing service should include dismantling of your furniture, and if you are using them to unpack your stuff at your new home, they should reassemble the furniture. Ask what their policy is about lost or misplaced items that are required to reassemble furniture. Their answer should be that they guarantee that nothing will be lost or misplaced.

Ask if everything will be included in the price of the packing service, including boxes, special wrap, tape, and any other costs. The initial quote should have no hidden or additional costs.

Lastly, ask about large items such as appliances. While these large items cannot be packed, the packing service company should be able to offer you tips on how to prepare your appliances for the moving company to ensure that they end up safe and working in your new home.

By asking the above questions, you will make sure that the packing goes smoothly according to your wishes, and there will be no surprises or headaches during unpacking.

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